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Feng Shui is the art and science of energy fields. Laying out a room based on Feng Shui can change the energy field of the environment, thus influencing the causal effect of your destiny, though it cannot change your karma, nor will it help in any way if a location is haunted. The quickest method to learn about your ideal Feng Shui is through Chinese Astrology. Once you understand the Five Elements and what your deficient element is, Feng Shui can help you enhance the relationship between your internal and external environments.

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Feng Shui layout can change the energy field of the environment and change the causal effect of your destiny. Feng Shui is the art and science of energy fields. Feng Shui cannot change Karma, neither will it help in any way if the location is haunted. Feng Shui can apply in your everyday life when you understand the relationship between the Feng Shui of the external and internal environments. This is easy once you know the art of the “Five Elements” and find out what your “deficient element “is. The quickest and simplest method to do this is using Chinese Astrology to apply Feng Shui.


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