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Discover the elements of your constitution and how they influence the choices you make for your career, how they affect your relationships, how they relate to your health and diet, and how they affect your living spaces. From this session, you will learn how to harness your talent, how to create positive relationships, how to enhance your health and diet, and how to use Feng Shui to optimise positive energy in your life.

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The full reading encompasses the 4 areas that Master Lau focuses on individually to give you a comprehensive understanding of the crucial areas of your life and how you can improve them. We all want to harness our talent and know how make the best of opportunities when they present themselves, with a view to having a successful career. We also need to know ourselves in a relationship and what makes us compatible with the people in our lives. In order to pursue career and relationships, we first need to be in good health. This involves having a good understanding of foods that are compatible with our constitution and of the lifestyle we should lead to ensure the best health and high energy. What can further enhance all these areas is Feng Shui, which should be used to optimise positive energy.