Relationship & Compatibility Reading


Discover the elements of your constitution and how they affect your relationships. From this session, you will have a better understanding of yourself in a relationship and what makes two people compatible.

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Our life is expressed through the relationships we have with ourselves, our family and friends, and the world around us. What makes a relationship is the condition of the people in it and what they do and say to each other. When our relationships are good, we feel good; when they fall into a negative state we feel bad. If this negativity is allowed to endure through a dysfunctional relationship, we can easily feel lonely and isolated. It is far easier to recognise that negativity in your partner than in yourself. 

Master Lau’s relationship reading will help you to understand your intrinsic character better – both your strong points and your weak points. This guidance will help you first get your own house in order then improve your emotional condition and your ability to participate in positive, rewarding relationships. As you develop enhanced emotional and spiritual intelligence you will increasingly make more profound and healthy connections with the people and world around you.

This reading will also give you an insight into which people are most compatible with you. Through understanding the elements required by both people in a relationship, Master Lau can identify if the combination of elements that mutually enhance and are supportive of, or in conflict with, one or both individuals’ requirements. Ultimately the reading and subsequent intuitive life guidance can help you to enhance the quality of your daily living experience into one full of loving and healthy relationships.

Being able to understand your total self, you may be able to predict the nature of your personal and professional relationships in any given year.  Chinese Astrology can also shed light on why you didn’t get along with certain people, while you might have had an instant rapport with others. In other words, who you know or have good relationships with is more important than what you know. Relationships bring us into contact with people who can trigger changes in our lives. We are all social animals, and our society cannot exist without relationships.

The joyous journey Rat

The hardworking but stubborn Ox

The powerful and daring Tiger

The Rabbit that hears the melodies of the soul

The imaginative Dragon

The Snake that holds the wisdom key to the mysteries of life

The unconquered Horse and his soul forever free

The gentle and compassionate Sheep

The inimitable, guile and charming Monkey

The Rooster that restores all things to their rightful place

The Dog whose life without loyalty is in vain

The universally harmonious Boar


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