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Master Simon Lau has been a dedicated practitioner of Chinese Astrology for the best part of his adult life. After many years of practice and study, Master Lau has found that Chinese Astrology readings are essential to gaining a deeper understanding of our character and our true self. These readings also provide a greater insight into how our past life karma influences our present situation, which is crucial to understanding the state our life is in and why we encounter the challenges we do.  

Chinese Astrology is the collaboration of wisdom and spiritual intelligence, the result of the continuous efforts over thousands of years of dedicated practice, and the accumulation of that valuable summary of human experience. It is the system of knowledge that links other Chinese systems, such as Traditional Chinese (herbal) Medicine and Feng Shui, with the concepts of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements. Together, these allow us to interpret and understand our relationship with the universe we live in.

Chinese Astrology is deeply embedded in Chinese heritage; its roots are in the Chinese lunisolar calendar. Archaeological findings date some form of calendar study by the Chinese as far back as three-and-a-half thousand years ago. These ancient systems are now prevalent in Western culture as people discover that the study of Chinese Astrology can help us to understand our own destiny much more clearly and therefore empower us to have a positive influence over our lives.

It all starts with your time and date of birth: together these are the fundamental karmic code that allows Master Lau to unlock your basic constitution according to the Five Elements and ascertain which of these elements you require and which elements you must avoid. These elements relate to the most important areas of your life: your career, your health and diet, as well as which people you are compatible with and which ones you aren’t compatible with in business, friendship, home life and love.The Five Elements apply to all areas of life and once unlocked, the life guidance for you can begin.

Simon Lau Life Guidance Readings are bespoke to you. Equipped with this deeper understanding of yourself, you will have the knowledge you need to discover your true potential and future contentment by making the right choices at the right time and becoming truly happy with who you are and the life you are living.

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