Career & Wealth Reading

Having the right Career is ESSENTIAL for a Happy Life!

We spend so some much time at work (time spending is very valuable as time value is your self-value) so it is very important to spend it doing something that you really enjoy and find fulfilling.

You are your own unique self and have your own unique potential and therefore there is no need for you to compete in the ‘Rat Race’.

You will have a successful life because you are not competing with anyone and there is no one competing with you.

From your Reading, Master Lau will identify suitable careers for you, empowering you to choose the right career, allowing you to realise your full potential.

Wealth is one of the most important factors in life as it provides you with choice. (Money is not everything but without money you cannot do anything).

From your Reading, Master Lau will chart your money journey, detailing when you will have money and the ways of maximising your luck and fortune.

The Career & Wealth Reading will last 40 minutes to 1 hour and you will be provided with a written summary of the reading emailed to you.


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