About Me

I was born in China and, from a young age, educated by Buddhist monks. This instilled in me the belief that the minds that co-ordinate the activities of violence can co-ordinate the activities of co-operation. Everyone has an equal right to eliminate suffering and seek happiness.

To further explore this potential I trained in martial arts and qigong. The discipline training was an invaluable tool that taught me how to overcome my fear of violence and allow myself to perform everyday life in a more spontaneous and constructive way. Since then, my life has been dedicated to cultivating mind, body and spirit to the highest degree.

I have appeared in a number of documentaries including the BBC’s “The Way of Warrior” by Goldcrest Films; Channel 4’s “The Living Body” to represent muscle power and speed; the Discovery Channel’s “The Greatest Ever Weapon”; and Sky One’s reality TV show “Fight School”. I am also tha author of tha bestselling reference book  “Masters Kung Fu”, In September 2000 I was honoured to be a guest speaker at the Cambridge University Union’s seminar on the subject of human energy.

In keeping with the Warrior tradition I have focused my life as much on being a healer as being a martial artist. I am a sincere practitioner of qigong, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese astrology, believing that physical and emotional health are essential for self-development and inner awareness. Everyone has the potential to improve and change because each new day represents a new life. Every hour of our time is a gift.