Yin and Yang have to be balanced by you on your journey through life.
The Chinese ideogram or character for the Tao, the top part of the symbol for Tao the need to balance the Yin and Yang in outlives. This is represented by the two lines meeting in a y with one side shorter than the other (hence, Yin and Yang). Balance on the plane of the earth represented by the long horizontal line. This whole sits on top of an upright rectangle shape, which represent the human head首,or a person, which is the ‘self’ 自in the scheme of the Tao. Life is about relationship, relationship all about sharing. Life is all about balance of Yin and Yang by oneself, then you can travel anywhere in the world you want to go. This is the Tao. The character to the left of the ideogram is the travelling vehicle廴based on the ancient character for walking leg; this represents also the way.
Discovering your true self and sincere self. This is called the heart.
You suffer because of the self-image which you provide yourself daily basis then you have only a forgotten lost heart.

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